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Mirena IUD Lawyers Offer Free Case Review for Patients Suffering Serious Injuries as a Result of Mirena IUD Problems Including Perforation and Embedment

Mirena FDA Warning Outlines False Claims Made by Bayer Pharmaceutical

Mirena IUD Causes Severe Side Effects

The Mirena IUD is an intrauterine contraceptive device that releases the hormone progestogen. Mirena IUD is highly effective at preventing pregnancy, but is accompanied by a host of serious Mirena side effects. Stopping short of a Mirena IUD recall, the FDA has issued multiple warnings to Bayer, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Mirena, in regards to false advertising claims and failing to mention Mirena IUD side effects. The FDA’s Adverse Events Reporting program received approximately 45,000 Mirena IUD side effect complaints between 2006 and 2012.

Among the most severe Mirena side effects are perforation, a condition in which the Mirena IUD device pushes through the uterus, and embedment, in which the Mirena IUD attaches to the uterine wall. These conditions can result in damage to internal organs and can cause internal scarring and infection. In both of these severe Mirena IUD side effects, surgery may be required to remove the Mirena from the uterus. Other severe Mirena side effects include ectopic pregnancy, infertility and death.

Mirena IUD Lawyers Represent Women Who Have Suffered From Mirena IUD Side Effects

Mirena IUDs are marketed to women of childbearing age who already have at least one child. Appealing to the sensibility of a busy mom, Bayer’s Mirena IUD advertising campaign presents the device as a way to keep life simple. However, the FDA Mirena warnings have pointed out that on multiple occasions Bayer has made false claims regarding the efficacy of Mirena. Specifically, the FDA Mirena warning asserted that Mirena IUD advertisements used in promotional events and published online imply that using a Mirena IUD leads to increased intimacy, romance and connection with one’s partner. The advertising materials also claim that Mirena will make a woman “look and feel great”. The FDA Mirena warning points out that contrary to these claims, 5% of patients using Mirena in a clinical study reported the Mirena side effect of decreased libido, and the long list of other Mirena side effects includes heavy bleeding, increased cramping, intestinal bleeding and spotting, abdominal and pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, headache, acne, depression, breast tenderness and IUD expulsion as other Mirena side effects that would prevent a woman from looking and feeling great. For failing to adequately warn consumers of Miruna IUD side effects, the FDA Mirena warning states the advertising material, “misbrands the drug in violation of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act”. The FDA Mirena warning asks that Bayer, “immediately cease the dissemination of violative promotional materials for Mirena.” 

Women who have experienced serious Mirena IUD side effects including perforation of the device through the uterus, embedment of Mirena IUD in the myometrium, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility or other Mirena IUD problems may have grounds to file a Mirena IUD lawsuit against Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals of New Jersey. Mirena IUD lawsuits that have already been filed assert that patients were not made aware of the serious Mirena IUD side effects associated with the device. Mirena IUD lawsuits seek to recover damages for medical bills, lost work, suffering and injuries.

This website offers comprehensive information about Mirena IUD devices including how they are used to prevent pregnancy, what the Mirena IUD side effects are, where to find detailed information about the Mirena FDA warning, who has grounds for a Mirena IUD lawsuit, and why hire a Mirena IUD lawyer.

Mirena IUD Side Effects

Mirena IUD Side Effects

Mirena IUD side effects include serious medical conditions that may require surgery to repair. Mirena IUD side effects such as perforation and embedment can result in damage to internal organs, bleeding, pain, infection, and internal scarring. In extreme cases, Mirena IUD side effects may even result in loss of fertility and death. Read this page to learn more about what a Mirena IUD is, how Mirena IUD implantation occurs, and why Mirena IUD side effects can result from intrauterine placement. If you are suffering from Mirena IUD side effects, the information contained in this page may help you to understand how a Mirena IUD has caused harm to you and what to expect moving forward.

Mirena FDA WarningMirena FDA Warning

On multiple occasions during 2009, Mirena FDA warnings were issued stating that the company was in violation of federal law for misbranding Mirena. The Mirena FDA warning letters reprimanded Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals for making false claims about the uses of Mirena and for failing to accurately represent the risks associated with Mirena. Mirena is an intrauterine contraceptive device that is marketed to women of childbearing age who already have at least one child. The Mirena FDA warning identifies false claims made by the company that have not been proven, including Mirena’s ability to increase romance and intimacy for a woman and her partner. These advertisement claims, says the Mirena FDA warning, “misbrand the drug in violation of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act”. Women who were subject to these advertising campaigns, the Mirena FDA warning implies, were also not made aware of the side effects associated with the Mirena IUD. Read here to learn what the Mirena FDA warning states, why the agency issued a Mirena FDA warning, and who is at risk for developing medical problems listed in the Mirena FDA warning.

Mirena Lawsuit FAQs

Mirena Lawsuit FAQs

This section answers common questions about Mirena IUD lawsuits such as how does the Mirena IUD fail, who can file a Mirena IUD lawsuit and the steps to do so, why to file a Mirena IUD lawsuit claim, and many other common Mirena IUD lawsuit questions.

Mirena IUD Lawyers Offer Mirena IUD Case ReviewMirena IUD Lawyers

Mirena IUD lawyers represent women who have suffered from side effects of intrauterine Mirena IUD implantation. Our Mirena IUD lawyers have a depth of experience in representing clients throughout the country in complex medical cases against large pharmaceutical companies. Our Mirena IUD attorneys are currently offering free, no-obligation Mirena IUD lawsuit review to persons who have suffered side effects or complications they believe are the result of a Mirena IUD. A Mirena IUD lawyer will work to recover lost wages, and win compensation for medical bills and as well as the pain and suffering associated with the Mirena IUD. This page offers information on what to expect from a Mirena IUD lawyer and how our Mirena IUD attorney team handles Mirena cases.

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